How to Install Excavator Tracks


How to Install Excavator Track 


28th Dec. 2019


There are 10 steps when you install an replacement excavator tracks:


mini excavator undercarriage tack parts


Step 1: Releasing the tension from the tracks
After being sure you have purchase the correct mini excavator tracks, remove the grease fitting using a wrench, and step down to the bottom of the track and collapse the idler. Also, make sure to inspect the grease fitting to know whether it needs replacing or not like Track Rollers, Top Rollers, Sprockets and Idlers. Move to the next step if it is in good working condition, and replace it if otherwise.
Step 2: Suspending the Track
Push the front blade of the machine down until the front rubber track is totally suspended. To lift the other end of the track upwards, rotate the boom to the other side and push it. This will set the track in a suspended position.
Step 3: Protecting the Hydraulic System
Placing heavy duty jack stands underneath the undercarriage is an important safety measure, as it helps in withstanding the huge mass of the machine. Doing this will protect and safeguard your hydraulic system against hazards or accidents.
Step 4: Dispatching the Track
After safeguarding the hydraulic system, you need to manually remove one end of the track from the teeth of the sprocket. If you are unable to carry out this operation, tell your assistant to start the machine and gradually rotate the track forward to dispatch it from the teeth of the sprocket. To avoid risking accidents, it is important to evacuate people and get rid of items near where you are doing this.
Step 5: Inspecting the Parts
The next step to take involves pulling the track away from the machine. Let your assistant use a forklift to lift the track away from the machine and put it in a safe and secluded place. Thoroughly check the different parts of the machine such as the undercarriage, idlers, top and bottom rollers, and the teeth of the sprocket for any fault or damage. If any of these machine parts has problem, don't stop to repair or replace it immediately. In addition, ensure the undercarriage is clean and free from dirt and debris.
Step 6: Installing the New Track
After removing the worn out track, the next step is to actually install the new one. Bring your new rubber track near the machine, and with the help of your assistant, accurately hook the rubber track onto the teeth of the sprocket at the back end of the machine.
Step 7: Aligning the Front Track
Properly Aligning of the front track with the idler should be done at the time when your helper pushes the track forward and has to be carried out with a pry bar.
Step 8: Maintaining Proper Track Movement
Once the front track had been properly aligned and the tracks retensionsed using the grease in the tension adjustment, repeatedly drive the excavator forward and backward, giving revolutions to the track. Make sure the tracks and other relevant parts of the excavator are moving as normal.
Step 9: Bringing the Track to Ground
Move to the bottom back side of the track and slowly push down the boom to the floor. Lift the blade from this position to lower the front of the track to the ground
Step 10: Final Step
Now you are done and set! Start the engine and resume work and be sure of promotions.

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